3330 Main Street, Buffalo, New York 14214 (716) 836-7660       Weddings and Baptisms at University Church

We invite you to plan your wedding at University Church.

Check out information about weddings at university Church.

For more details, call the office and speak with Rev. Tracy Daub.

University Church does not discriminate on the basis of sexual
orientation in celebrating the rites of marriage.


Baptism is the sign of our incorporation into Christ and of God's covenant of love and grace for all people. Baptism summons us to respond to God's grace through how we live our lives, calling us to follow the Way of Jesus Christ.

As all ages are included in God's covenant of love, The Presbyterian Church (USA) baptizes both adults as well as infants/children. Baptism is celebrated in a service of public worship where the congregation as a whole assumes responsibility for nurturing the baptized person in the Christian life. To honor the promises made by the individual, the parents, and the congregation, baptism is administered to those who are active participants in our congregation or another Christian community. 

If you are considering baptism for yourself or your child, we invite you to speak with our pastor,  to worship with our congregation, to become active in our ministries, and to consider whether University Presbyterian Church might become your spiritual home.

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