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"King Jesus is not simply satisfied with liberating the individual heart and soul and mind, but King Jesus also sets his sights on the human community. He comes to liberate our communities from the rulers of tyranny: the tyranny of injustice, the tyranny of hatred and suspicion, the tyranny of greed, the tyranny of fear. Earthly rulers will arise who will encourage the hold of these tyrannies upon us -- who will even tell us that these tyrannies are good and good for us. But these are words intended to imprison us. King Jesus comes to liberate. Today, on Christ the King Sunday, we celebrate the power of our King, Jesus, who will ultimately triumph over all human tyrannies. Tyrants and strong men and dark forces within and without may rule for the moment, but Christ is King and his victory is assured." (from Coup D'Etat, 11-20-16 )

"And I bet you have known some prophets too. They are those who tell the truth and call us to turn to the source of truth. Some do this gently. Others do this in ways that confront us, even irritate us. A lot of times we wish they would go away, stop going on about racial injustice, about global warming, about educational inequalities, about torture, about a living wage. But thank God for the prophets, the truth-tellers, who call us home again and again when we stray from the way of God. If you want to discover signs of God's presence, look for the truth-tellers, for those calling us to turn again to the path of God." (from Truthful Tidings, 12-4-16)

You can read or listen to recent sermons of our pastor Rev. Tracy Daub here:

9-17-17  A NEW BUSINESS MODEL (audio)   9-17-17  A NEW BUSINESS MODEL (text)

9-10-17 DEBT TO SOCIETY (audio)   9-10-17 DEBT TO SOCIETY (text)

9-3-17 ARE YOU SURE? (audio)   9-3-17 ARE YOU SURE? (text)

8-27-17 PAYING ATTENTION TO 13a (audio)   8-27-17 PAYING ATTENTION TO 13a (text)


8-13-17 DRESS REHEARSAL (audio)   8-13-17 DRESS REHEARSAL (text)

8-6-17 IN JESUS' HANDS (audio)   8-6-17 IN JESUS' HANDS (text)

7-23-17 WHEAT OR WEED (guest preachers Lee Ann Grace and Howard Henry)  (audio)

7-16-17 FERTILE GROUND (guest preacher Gladys Gifford) (audio)

7-9-17 PLAYING THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (guest preacher Amy Jelensperger) (audio)

7-2-17 FAITHFUL CONTRASTS (audio)   7-2-17 FAITHFUL CONTRASTS (text)

6-25-17 A HEART CONDITION (audio)   6-25-17 A HEART CONDITION (text)

6-18-17 THE REAL GOOD NEWS (audio)   6-18-17 THE REAL GOOD NEWS (text)

6-11-17 ONE AND THE SAME (audio)   ONE AND THE SAME (text)

6-4-17 OUTSIDE THE TENT (audio)   6-4-17 OUTSIDE THE TENT (text)

5-28-17 LEFT BEHIND (audio)   5-28-17 LEFT BEHIND (text)

5-21-17 LIVING STONES (guest preacher Gladys Gifford) (audio)

5-14-17 SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME (audio)   5-14-17 SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO HOME (text)

5-7-17 GOOD NEWS STORIES (audio)   5-7-17 GOOD NEWS STORIES (text)


4-23-17 WOUNDED PLACES (audio)   4-23-17 WOUNDED PLACES (text)



4-9-17 HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO (audio)  4-9-17 HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO (text)

4-2-17 GOD'S TARDINESS (audio)   4-2-17 GOD'S TARDINESS (text)

3-26-17 HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE (audio)   3-26-17 HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE (text)

3-19-17 PARCHED (audio)   3-19-17 PARCHED (text)

3-12-17 BORN AGAIN (audio)   3-12-17 BORN AGAIN (text)

3-5-17 IDENTITY THEFT (audio)   3-5-17 IDENTITY THEFT (text)


2-26-17 WELCOMING THE STRANGER (Guest Preacher Thomas Tritt) (audio)

2-19-17 REAL LIFE QUESTIONS (Guest Minister Bonnie Dahl) (audio)

2-12-17 LIFEAND DEATH CHOICES (audio)   2-12-17 LIFEAND DEATH CHOICES (text)

2-5-17 ELEMENTAL (audio)   2-5-17 ELEMENTAL (text)

1-29-17 COURTROOM DRAMA (audio)   1-29-17 COURTROOM DRAMA (text)

1-22-17 NONCONFORMISTS (audio)   1-22-17 NONCONFORMISTS (text)

1-8-17 MYSTERIES REVEALED (audio)   1-8-17 MYSTERIES REVEALED (text)

1-1-17 NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS (audio)   1-1-17 NEW YEAR PREDICTIONS (text)

12-24-16 SOME SKIN (audio)   12-24-16 SOME SKIN (text)

12-18-16 THE FAMILY TREE (audio)

12-11-16 ROAD SIGNS (audio)   12-11-16 ROAD SIGNS (text)

12-4-16 TRUTHFUL TIDINGS (audio)   12-4-16 TRUTHFUL TIDINGS (text)

11-27-16 HOLIDAY SIGNS (text)

11-20-16  COUP D'ETAT (audio)   11-20-16 COUP D'ETAT  (text)

11-13-16  FAKERS, THE FUTURE, AND FAITH (text)

Adult Education Hour

Adult Education is offered September through May on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. (between the two services). These classes are led by the pastor, congregational members, and sometimes guest teachers, and feature a diversity of topics such as Bible studies, matters of faith and belief, contemporary issues, and mission projects around the globe.

Home Bible Study

A small group of ten individuals gather in the home of Gladys Gifford and share in a Bible study, guided by the
Horizons Bible study publications. This fall and winter we are studying Who is Jesus? What a Difference a Lens Makes by Judy
Yates Siker. The group meets on selected Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Interested? Contact Gladys directly at gladys.gifford@earthlink.net.schedule.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

The Rev. Stuart Buisch of Campus Church ConneXion also offers Bible study and a light meal at 5:00 on Wednesday nights in the Holzwarth Room (usually twice a month). Call the church office for the next date.


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